Our Mission


(verb) to take great pleasure or delight; to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way

(noun) a boisterous festivity or celebration

(lifestyle) to Revel is to celebrate… life, love & success down to the small things like a breath of fresh air… It’s a way of life and the values we live by. We strive to get the most out of our lives and put only positive energy into the world. It is accomplished by appreciating the simple while working hard to achieve our dreams. We value ideals such as optimism, ambition, honesty, loyalty, self-growth & humility with a dose of swagadocious. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Creation of the classic, denunciation of the fake. By reveling with faith, we get where we want while enjoying the journey. Enjoy the ride…

The Company

Revel Music Group produces music, entertainment & lifestyle goods and distributes through diversified partnerships. The Revel family is made up of like-minded creators and business people with the highest of standards and the shared purpose of delivering fresh content and products to the world. This is not just a company, but our life mission.

Revel Music Group includes:

Revel Records

- Record Label that partners with music artists in all aspects of their careers including development, album production, branding, marketing & distribution partnerships, publishing, touring, merchandise, corporate sponsorships and film/television.

- Production  Company that manages producers, mixers and engineers.

Revel Worldwide Publishing

- Publishing Company with Revel's in-house producer / songwriter team and song catalog.

REvel concerts

Concert Production Company that produces concerts featuring Revel artists and some of the biggest names in music.